Basic Obedience

The initial phase of training which builds the foundation of a well-behaved pet. Incorporating verbal commands allows K9Boss to develop a line of communication between owner and dog. Training your dog to be a great family member begins with proper communication. Basic obedience teaches your pet to function and adjust in a structured environment with applied commands.

Advanced Obedience

Adds to the basic obedience and verbal commands, with the addition of hand signals and leash commands to increase the utility of your trained dog. This opens multiple lines of communication between owner and dog. Now you will be able to silently give a command to your dog in any area. If control is what you desire, then advanced obedience is the way to go.

Problem Solving

K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training observes and evaluates your dog's behaviors to identify issues and create a customized, realistic solution to correcting those behaviors. Some common problems consist of: house-breaking, aggression, socialization, chewing, biting, and jumping to name a few.

Personal Protection

Teaches your dog a defensive guard, while maintaining your pets personality and loving character. This kind of training is not for every dog, and consequently it can only be achieved after advanced obedience has been successfully completed.


K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training in Atlanta produces a superior trained dog with a willingness to obey. With over 20 years of professional and successful dog training, Master Dog Trainer, Craig Walton (K9Boss) and his team focus on your pet's individual needs. Recognizing that each family has unique requests and concerns for their pet, customer satisfaction is a priority. Located in Mableton, Georgia, we assist families in creating a loving and stress free home environment. We instruct by using the least amount of stress on your pet through a training system based on a positive reinforcement structure.

K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training services has earned a superior reputation among dog lovers, animal rescue centers, and veterinarians throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Our team creates realistic solutions by providing training techniques to specific to your pet. Producing a happy, responsive, and professionally trained dog is our mission We train ANY AGE, ANY BREED.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for both the owner and pet. K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training implements a two-fold training operation. First, we train your dog and then we teach the owners how to work their already trained pet. We instruct by using the least amount of stress on your pet possible.


When you invest in training your dog, you are investing in creating a positive and happy living situation for your family. The training will be beneficial throughout the lifetime of your dog. By being true to the brand we represent, we elevate the client's relationship to it. Like becomes love, and love becomes a passion. Passion becomes advocacy.




K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Reviews

Pastor Joseph Williams

"Before K9Boss, I had the typical 10 month old puppy that wouldn’t listen, pull while being walked and often times embarrassed me in public due to his disobedience. I wanted to do more with my dog; however, a disobedient dog isn’t exactly something you want the world to see! After sending my boy Boss to K9Boss, he returned a different dog. He listens, heels, sits and stay; what more could a dog owner ask for! I highly recommend K9Boss for your dog training. They are great and have a true love for dogs!"

K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Reviews

James H. Byrd, | CEO Right Way, Wrong Way, Inc.

“I board my American Pit Bull, "PsiPhi" daily at Dogma Dog Care, and one afternoon when I was picking her up I saw perhaps one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. There was this guy standing at the counter with a beautiful Doberman. He said, "sit" and the dog immediately sat. He said, "down" and the dog again immediately went all the way down. He said, "stay", then walked away and the dog did not move anything except her head to follow his every movement. My dog at eleven months, totally socialized, will listen sometimes, but very stubborn and headstrong was becoming more and more of a challenge. In conclusion, I am 100% satisfied with the results of the training! PsiPhi is Unbelievable! Her demeanor and obedience draws compliments wherever we go. I would recommend K9Boss Dog to anyone who wants to achieve positive results with their dog!”

K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Reviews

Marcia Walton

"I recently enrolled my 2 1/2 yr old mixed bull Terrier, Queen, in a 2 week obedience course with K9Boss Dog Training. Queen was barking at my neighbors and all cars that went by. I was apprehensive about taking her on walks because she would pull and bark so much. She is a sweet dog but I needed to get control of the situation. After the training with K9Boss, Queen is a different dog! She still has her same spirit but she is now under my control. Queen follows the basic commands of sit, down, and stay(most of the time). She is a joy to walk and we go out on different trails now. I feel very comfortable taking her out in public and I am a happy dog owner and Queen is happier too! I realize that I am the one that needed to be trained!"

K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Reviews

Myron Baccus | Columbus, Ohio

"I am the owner of two Labrador Retriever and Boxer mixes, both trained by K9Boss. Before training my dogs had various behavior problems; licking, jumping, chewing, tearing up carpet, tearing up couch cushions and pulling both me and my wife down the street on walks. Since being trained by K9Boss our dogs are now a joy to have in our home and are very obedient. They instilled leash commands, verbal commands, hand commands and protection commands. My wife and I are very satisfied with the training program, and have referred our friends and other dog owners to K9Boss. When walking our dogs we get a lot of attention from other dog owners and compliments on how well trained our dogs are. The amount of money spent cannot compare to the stress free life that we now have when walking our dogs and leaving them at home out to protect our house when left unattended."

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Here at K9Boss we love your dogs just as much as you do!





K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Basic Obedience
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K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Basic Obedience
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K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Basic Obedience
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K9Boss Atlanta Dog Training Basic Obedience
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Correcting Common Dog Behavior Problems

On a daily basis I am asked by dog owners who call in for information on how to solve a behavior problem, how do I keep my dog from doing this or how do I correct my dog for doing that. When you take a few minutes to talk to these dog owners you find that we’re dealing with untrained dogs. I think some of them are quite surprised when I tell them that the way to correct unwanted behavior is to teach the dog basic obedience. In fact I’ve had hundreds of people tell me I don’t care if my dog sits and I don’t care if my dog stays, I just want my dog to quit jumping on me and everybody else that comes into the house. The same thing goes for all the other bad behavior you can think of including aggression. The dog needs to be taught what is right, what is wrong and what the household rules are, otherwise he doesn’t know how to behave because he hasn’t been taught what is right and what is wrong. For example in basic obedience the dog that is jumping on people as they come in the door is taught to do a sit stay at the door when people enter the home. So by doing a sit stay we’re actually doing some behavior modification by not allowing the dog to be free and jump on the people entering. Over a period of time the bad habit of jumping on people will go away. Another example would be for the dog that is constantly darting out the door and that is impossible to catch as it is running down the street. With some basic obedience the dog is taught that he can’t cross over the threshold of the door until he’s given a specific command. By using this exercise on a daily basis you are doing some behavior modification by not allowing the dog to dart out the door. The average dog really wants to be good but just doesn’t know how, because nobody’s taken the time to teach the basic exercises to be a good dog. If you get involved in a basic obedience class and spend just 15 minutes a day training your dog you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a matter of a few short weeks. One last comment that I’d like to make is to remember that a “trained dog is a happy dog and an exhausted dog is happier” so make sure besides training you also give your dog plenty of exercise. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Do you need help training your dog? If so give us a call at 678-360-8168.

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How To Introduce Your Dog To Another Dog

Let’s start off with let’s keep moving while the introduction takes place. That’s right as the strange dogs and their owner come toward each other just start walking as if you are going for a nice brisk walk. Remember this should always happen in neutral territory not on one of the dog’s turf. As the walk continues you and the other owner can start moving closer to each other trying to maintain a nice loose leash. There is something about a tight leash that always seems to cause a problem with new dogs meeting each other. I never approach a strange dog that is pulling the owner toward me on a tight leash and barking at the same time. In fact on walks when meeting another owner and their dog if the other dog appears to be stressed, is barking, or pulling the owner I simply pass on allowing my dog to approach it. Keep in mind you should never feel obligated to have your dog go nose to nose with an unknown dog. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never introduce more than 2 strange dogs at one time. Remember that introducing 3 or 4 dogs at the same time increases the chances of there being a problem. Another thing I always do is before introducing my dog to a strange dog is asking the owner if their dog is dog friendly. If I get a maybe or sometimes then the introduction is off. There is no reason for me to take a chance with my dog or a client’s dog introducing them to a maybe type dog. Keep in mind that if your lifestyle has you taking your dog around other dogs with friends, family or even the dog park make sure that you socialize your dog well during the socialization period from birth to 20 weeks of age. Do you need help training your dog? If so give us a call at 678-360-8168.

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